Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One More Amazing Quilt from the Easter Party

My friend Mary Maupin is a talented painter (see her website HERE) and she's no slouch as a quilter either. She designed and made this striking quilt for her older son.

Her fabric choices are quirky and individual and the play of geometric patterns is mesmerizing.

Someone viewing the quilt on Sunday said to me, ' I'd like some of whatever she was on.'

A wild trip, indeed!


Thérèse said...

Exquisite and it goes pretty well with her kind of collages.

Barbara Rogers said...

I love the brights with the patterned neutral colors...though I'm not sure what kind of dreams I'd have if I slept under it! A gorgeous piece of craftsmanship!

Darla said...

Agreed! The wild abstraction becomes more mesmerizing the longer I gaze at it.

A couple years ago, my mom had heard of a woman who makes quilts from ties so she took all my dad's ties (he had a massive amount of them from decades of management work and church-going) and had a memorial quilt made for each of us (dad died 9 years ago).