Saturday, October 10, 2015

Falling into Sync with the Season

Layla is puzzled as I shift the decor about. Away with the summer blue and white and in with the colors of fall!

I change the pantry curtain and pillow covers in the kitchen, as well as the pillow covers in the living room.  The paintings of white lilies give way to an autumn landscape and a group of quilters.

The blue and white quilts I made that have hung from the loft railing are replaced by two antique quilts -- suitable for this time of year when my Pagan friends honor ancestors and my Christian friends are looking forward to All Souls Day.

A part of some Pagan traditions is an Ancestor altar -- I actually  have (year round) a wall covered with family pictures and a cabinet  and a shadowbox packed with family mementos.

Our corner cupboard, which held blue and white china all summer, becomes (in my mind) a tribute to the past -- shells and fossils, stones and bones, a pre-Columbian Native American bowl (the brown clay one on the right, second shelf from the bottom,) a Mayan frog, and an unknown gentleman are amongst the  objects that say Fall to me. 


Ms. A said...

Looks good. I used to do a few seasonal changes. Haven't done any for many years.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Lalya looks like she really likes that quilt. I try to make a few seasonal changes, but the older I get the less I manage to do :)

Have a good weekend Vicki,

Anvilcloud said...

Sue also does the seasonal change thing. I think we have 4 of them or maybe 5.

Bernie said...

Oh yes I do the same. Out goes the whites, creams and pastels. Bring on the flannelette, chocolate Browns, oranges and gold. The only change I like are them!

Frances said...

Vicki, I like the idea of having your indoors look parallel the seasonal changes outdoors. Lots of harmony ensues...I can see how hamonious look Layla has taken on.

My ownly seasonal change was to take out my wool blanket. It's not getting a bit cool at night.


Jim Egerton said...

Layla has here year around fall colors. She is styling year around. It's time for our fall wreath on the front door.

katy gilmore said...

You are right - it is time to change the white couch slipcover for red - and the nook cushions from pale tulips to Bali browns! Thanks for the reminder - your house always looks so inviting and appropriate to the season.

L. D. said...

It is fun to make the changes and feel the new homey feelings. The dog does look too tired to care at that point. Just don't move things out from under me while I am sleeping.