Thursday, June 18, 2015

Seen Around Brasstown


  1. I love the bird, twisting so elegantly, like a yoga pose - and the barns; they are so photogenic.

  2. I like the Baptist Church sign. Very unusual!

  3. Can't pick a favorite. The mockingbird or the tree or the Old Fashioned Baptist Church sign!

  4. Your photographs of "Hills of Home" pull my heart strings

  5. Vicki, thank you for the dance information. The J C Campbell outfit seems to have such a wonderful energy. I am imagining how many folks help to keep all this going and want to send thanks to them all.

    As we see some very sad, awful news from the South today, it's good to also be reminded of the positive energy that you show us in North Carolina. I write this as someone who moved away years ago to escape a bias that ate at my soul.



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