Thursday, June 11, 2015

Meanwhile, Back at the Farm There Are Tiny Toads . . .


Really tiny -- smaller than the last joint of my little finger. 

 All those tadpoles are out now and hopping about and we have to be careful not to step on them.

A lovely little toad . . .

And  another. 

                                         The Japanese irises are putting on a show!

                     And some calla lilies -- new this year and in pots for the time being.

Then there's the vegetable garden demanding my attention.

Thanks to abundant rain while I was gone, my tomatoes have grown  and so have the weeds.

I spent hours yesterday, unching along on my rear end, suckering the maters and hoeing the weeds away. Yes, I hoe sitting down because that way it doesn't bother my back and I'm down anyway to do the suckering and the fiddly weeds close to the tomato plants. It looks ridiculous but it works for me.

There is more J.C. Campbell stuff to come in the next several days -- crafts and Morris dancing and an Indian feast!


Ms. A said...

Some years we have an overabundance of little toads. Hubby always tries to rescue them from the pool before they croak.

Those maters are looking good!

Kath said...

I love little toads. And tiny tree frogs, that cling to windows like some kind of teeny stalkers. :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh yes, I did weeds yesterday in my garden, which is mainly in planters...yes, they creep in wherever they can, don't they!

Vicki Lane said...

"...before they croak."" Oh, Ms. A!

NCmountainwoman said...

Yes, the garden does not go on hold while you are away. But it looks lovely after all your hard work. And the summer tomatoes will definitely be worth it all.

Frances said...

Vicki, it's a pleasure to see all this new growth around your place. Those tiny toads are wonderful. I also loved the "croak" comment.

Wonderful that you all got rain to get those crops (and weeds) a growing. I like your weeding mode. Smart and effective.

Japanese iris ...what beauties they are.


Jime said...

Love little toads. We got one that camps out in a flower pot and squeaks and croaks looking for a mate. The flower pot acts as a volume boaster that makes him sound like he's in a tunnel.