Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where in the World?

Highlands, NC

Oxford, England

Marshall, NC

Lake Logan, NC

Apex, NC

Baltimore, Maryland

Montreat, NC

Columbia, SC

Sylva, NC

Charlottesville,  Virginia

 Morganton, NC

San Francisco, California
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Ms. A said...

Beautiful locations. I'll take the ones in the US, I'm not much of a traveler and those are far enough.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Fabulous locations. I'll take Highlands - in summer and fall, then I'm out of there.

Hope you have a lovely weekend Vicki.

Star said...

Lovely places. My favourite? Oxford, England - I just love it there.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Lovely tour- have a great weekend!

Brian Miller said... the world tour....i used to work about 4 blocks from the harbor in MD...used to walk by that ship just about every day at lunch...

Thérèse said...

The Lake Logan is inspiring!

B. Rogers, Alchemy of Clay said...

What a lovely world tour...and I looked at each photo before scrolling to see where you said it was. Only missed on the Virginia shot by about 100 miles! Great idea!

Mamabug said...

I'd love to see all those wonderful places!