Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Wheel Turns to Autumn

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Merisi said...


Fragile, notice that
As autumn starts, a light
Frost crisps up at night
And next day, for a while,
White covers path and lawn.
"Autumn is here, it is,"
Sings the stoical blackbird
But by noon pure gold is tossed
On everything. Leaves fall
As if they meant to rise.
Nothing of nature's lost,
The birth, the blight of things,
The bud, the stretching wings.

Elizabeth Jennings, Celebrations and Elegies (Carcanet 1982).

(I owe knowledge of this poem to
Stephen Pentz, of "First known when lost" - he blogged about it yesterday. Stephen's blog is a well of beautiful poetry and thoughts.)

Your images are a paean to autumn, I love every single one of them.

To autumn,

Sue P said...

I have been off the PC for a few days, so just now saw your post about Miss Susie Hutchins. I am so very, very sorry.

Ms. A said...

I'm ready!

Thérèse said...

Not quite ready for autumn but ready for your autumnal pictures!

Martin said...

Yes, summer's running out of steam here, too. Is that a chipmunk, by the way?

juliet said...

What eloquent images! I love the long shadows of the bicycle. Here in New Zealand the wheel is turning into spring, as we pass equinox tomorrow.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I want that corn husk wreath. It's the prettiest I've seen. I wonder if I can make my own.

Brian Miller said...

my absolute fav time of year....keep turning...and love that little one, munk or squirrel...

Vicki Lane said...

Merisi -- thank you for the beautiful poem. Autumn is, for mr, the most poetical of months -- the quivering on the edge between summer and winter-- harvest and first frost -- clear crisp days and coziness by the fire -- and the sweet bittersweetness of fleeting time.

Martin, the little fella is a chipmunk.

Sam, a friend made that. It's a simple base of grapevines twisted into a circle and various things wired to it. She used mini corn, dried okra, poppy and nigella seed pods, and corn shucks. I think there are or were some feathers too.

Sandra Lassen said...

I am so totally a creature of summer that autumn inevitably makes me sad. For now, as the occasional rogue tree turns red and yellow and orange here on the lake, I whisper, "Not yet, please not yet."

Jean Baardsen said...

Beautiful photos! Autumn is my favorite season.

Barbara Rogers said...

YES....lovely pictures (as always) and thanks for comments above, including poem. For me, fav season also. The crispness wakes me from summer doldrums promising that new things are coming as old ones die away.

Frances said...

Vicki, I have been visiting your blogs recently, but have not found time to comment.

I join those who've already sent sympathy to you on the lost of the truly marvelous Miss Hutchins. Your telling of her stage exit was perfect.

It was interesting to see that early evidence of your writing. It's lovely that it was saved and presented to you...with a Star!

I also want to again compliment you on your photographs. They continue to remind me of familiar scenes, past times, sometimes bringing me a knowing smile, sometimes bringing a surprising moistness around the eyes.

Oh, and before I again forget, I am slowly, slowly reading Virginia Woolf's "The Waves," and so enjoying her powers of description. I was struck in the novel's opening pages to encounter some wonderful passages about spiders' webs that harmonized very well with the series of web photos you'd recently posted.


Wayfarin' Stranger said...

My favorite time of year.

Eileen Reilly Nephin Bish said...

Feeling rather like a curious cat....whatever is the inscription on the brass plaque with the corn wreath??

Deanna said...

Hands down my favorite time of year. The shadows cast by that bicycle is picture perfect.

Darla said...

A wonderful variety of captures! As always, many thanks for sharing... Blessings on this special day of natural shift...