Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bleak December

It's days like this that make me understand the urge to fill the house with light and color and bright glittery things.

Stark tree branches are dramatic, even beautiful, but on a gray day with never a glimpse of the sun, they can be a tad depressing.

So we cook and decorate and string fairy lights against the dark -- and, like primitive man huddled around a fire in a drafty cave, we await the sun's return.

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Victoria said...

I love gray in California we never, ever get enough of them to suit me. Beautiful photos!

Poetry24 said...


Our surrounding countryside is also looking quite tired just now. We've woken to a frosty start this morning, so at least we'll have a little sparkle outside for a while. Roll on Spring!

Pat in east TN said...

On my side of the mountain it seems we've had more gray days then usual lately, so yes, it's nice to have color and warmth inside and things to do to keep me busy, among them slowly beating down my TBR pile!

Reader Wil said...

These mountains are indeed the mysterious background for your books! I love these photos.
Thanks for sharing.

Vicki Lane said...

Well, that was yesterday. At the moment we have sun and blue skies -- considerably more cheerful.

Merisi said...

I threw my whole schedule overboard yesterday - what with the blue sky and the sun shining - when I realized that the weather forecast called for nothing but grey skies through Saturday. I walked through the city for four hours, capturing the Christmas spirit in under sunny skies. It has been snowing since dawn this morning. Light and fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky, covering the garden and the trees with a thin light downy blanket of snow. Every now and then, a light breeze blows the snow off the trees again, and nature starts her work all over again.

I shall walk out into the snow now (in my beautiful British duffle coat I found the other day by chance at an outlet store while I was in Burgenland, 89 instead of 260 Euros, and it is so warm and cozy and practical, an early Christmas gift indeed!) to check if my tree farmer has set up his Christmas tree lot yet. I want to decorate the tree!

Lovely Advent days to you,

The Camillo and Peppone movies are true classics. Wikipedia has some information about the background of the stories. I love the subtle and not so subtle humor, makes me still crack up. I also love it when I can get a glimpse of the Po landscape, reminds so much of the river I grew up along, flat and country roads lined by long rows of poplar trees, grey and foggy from November through February, but exuding a beauty and calm I only find in river counties.

Carol Murdock said...

That sun is a VERY welcome site isn't it! YEAH! :)

Tipper said...

We do need light-in so many different ways. I think your photos of the stark sky just scream winter.

Vicki Lane said...

Merisi -- I shall look forward to all your pictures, sunny or snowy. And I'd love a glimpse of your Christmas tree.

Carol -- Yes it is, indeed!

Thank you, Tipper! So true about the need for light --inner as well as outer.

Vagabonde said...

Here in Georgia and you in North Carolina know that sad grey days don’t last long – the sun soon comes back. Don’t you find though that grey days are relaxing? Keeping you quiet in mind and spirit?

Vicki Lane said...

Vagabonde -- Yes, a gray day now and then is surely welcome. A long string of them, however, has a depressing effect on my spirits.