Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ask, And Ye Shall Receive

I got some funny, funny emails as a result of yesterday's post asking how a fourteen year old might refer to his manly equipment -- too good not to share -- with a little editing. Thanks to all of you who helped out!

N. said: I call it a "trouble-maker" and sometimes the "brain" but that's not what you're after, is it?!!!
I just asked my 29-year-old what he calls his and it embarrassed him - he finally said he calls it a lot of things......
I can tell you that my 3-1/2 year old grandson calls it a "pete" as well as his 9-year-old step-brother. Even if we had a 14-year-old around, I'm not sure they would tell us!


P. said: My son got quite a kick out of my question to him, and his first response was "Aaaah, like why are you asking me that???", and
when I told him he was like, "Do you think I was walking around the halls, or in the john, at *** High asking such a question!?!?!" HA ... we also don't want a State Trooper making the headlines of the paper either!!! Anyway, he said all he can come up with is some of the younger guys in his SP Basic school using the term 'junk'. I'm like, "ooook .......", and he just laughed and laughed. He never knows what to expect from mom, but think this one really caught him off guard!!! HAHAHA!!!

L. said: P****r is not a word used today by boys often - although in our day it was popular. They do refer to their b***s as "my boys".

A. said: Well, with regards to your 14-year-old boy conundrum, I took an impromptu poll in my office the consensus was that he might easily and casually refer to both his junk and his johnson (esp with those Big Johnson T shirts being so popular at one point), but p*****r might make him a little dated. D**k, it seems, will never go out of style but is a little mature for a freshman in high school (if he's even in school? He sounds shady). Hope that helps!

I sincerely wish you could have just heard the lively conversation with everyone shouting out W**g! Sc****g! Prince Evan! Wiener! Much better than the usual water cooler banter.

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Pat in TN said...

Whatta way to start out a Saturday morning!!! Vicki, I laughed myself silly over those responses ... priceless is all I can say. Thanks for sharing as I wondered what names would come up ... ah, no pun intended!!! LOL

Pat in TN said...

Meant to say that I really like the pictures you chose to go along with your post! :o)

Vicki Lane said...

I'm giggling at the thought of the many conversations -- in offices and beauty parlors and beyond -- that my innocent (more or less) question has inspired.

Yeah, I thought the pictures were pretty appropriate.